Three attempts made by radicals to attack lecturer' -Financed by Arab state?

Kochi: Yunis Ali, the fourth accused in the lecturer attack case, said that they had tried to chop the hand of the lecturer three times before but succeed only in the fourth attempt. Yunis made it clear that it was not a quotation team which carried out the attack but radical Islamic outfit Popular Front activists themselves.


Archbishop Tutu to withdraw from public life

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu announced Thursday his intention to retire from public life on October 7 – the day he is to turn 79.

Though he retired as Archbishop of Cape Town in 1996 and retired again after completion of the work of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the Nobel Peace Prize winner said he continued to work as “my mission determined”.


Budhist Bhutan Proposes Anti-Conversion Law?GCIC appeals to Dalai Lama for intervention

The constitution of Bhutan guarantees freedom of religion, but the government has not officially recognized the presence of Christians, whose practice of faith remains confined to their homes.