Worship Disrupted, Pastor attacked in Chitradurga, Karnataka

Hindu extremists attack Pastor Hema Naik of Gypsy Prarthana Mandira, on August 8th during Christian Worship Services

At 10.30 AM, around 20 Bajrang Dal and Sri Ram Sena activists stormed Gypsy Prarthana Mandira near Maharani College, Common Badavane, Chitradurga was attacked by a group of about 20 persons belonging to Bagarang Dal and Sri Ram Sene tore up Bibles and also attacked the believers.



Now a Darul Uloom fatwa against women judges
New Delhi, Aug 6:

Islamic seminary Darul Uloom Deoband has issued an edict saying that Muslim women should not become judges as it is forbidden in the religion.

The seminary posted the fatwa on its website after a question was posed to it on the issue.
The edict which said that women should not become judges has drawn sharp reaction from various quarters.


Indian Railways to introduce Mother Express named after Mother Teresa

GCIC welcomes the decision of the Indian Railways to introduce a new train, Mother Express, named after Mother Teresa on August 26 to mark her birth centenary.
"We have decided to launch the new train after Mother Teresa as a tribute to her on occasion of her birth centenary," Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee said here today.


Prayer meeting disrupted in Kanpur Uttar Pradesh

This incidence took place in a place called Barra is in south Kanpur Uttar Pradesh,Barra is 12 kilometers from Kanpur railway station.On the 23rd July 2010 Pastor Samuel Sarkar 40 years old of pentecostal church organised a 2 day meeting in Madhur Milan Guest house in Barra,he invited Pastor Jagdeep Das 50 years old as a guest speaker from Lucknow.