Hindu Godman Sri Ravishankar and Baba Ramdev lock horns

Bangalore, June 6, :

The Art of Living authorities have so far chosen not to react to comments of Yoga guru Baba Ramdev on the stray bullet incident in its Ashram on Kanakapura road. Ramdev on Sunday accused the Karnataka Police of trying to hush up ''something.''

“We have heard of such a statement by Baba Ramdev. We have already said what we had to say. No comments from our side about Ramdev’s statement,” an AoL official informed.
The AoL said that it was a welcome incident. One bullet succeeded in clearing growing suspicions among a section of society on pontiffs and seers. A few people started cooking up stories and floating their own theories on the incident, the Ashram sources said.
Bigger bullets

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar himself chose not to speak much about the incident.

“It is time we forget about one bullet. There are bigger bullets fired in the Red Corridor of India. It’s time we concentrated on such issues. We want to work for betterment,” he said.
Ravi Shankar said they never wanted publicity in this way. While the culprit usually has to prove the innocence it was the victim (Ashram) in this case. He said he don’t want any enhancement in his security as it would create a wall between himself and his devotees.
He said that he was happy with the outcome of the police investigation though he is yet to receive the written report.


Pastor Kadur Devaki and Lalithama arrested and jailed

Chickmaglur-Kadur (Karnataka state)On Sunday, June 6th, a group of RSS members, accompanied by local police, disrupted the regular Sunday morning worship service at Jesus Prayer Team in Bovi Colony, Chickmanglur District, Karnataka. At 10:30 am, the service was stopped and the two pastors were threatened and accused of creating communal disharmony and disrupting the peace. The police arrested the pastors, Lalithamma (62 years old) and Kadaur Devaki (28 years old). They were interrogated for four hours by the kadur police. They are currently in Hassan jail awaiting their trial.
The police officers under pressure from the local MLA is believed to have foisted false charges under IPC 295 A against the helpless women


Modi administration creating the bogey of “Maoism out of thin air” to arrest Dalits and Right activists

AHMEDABAD: Several voluntary organisations and “concerned citizens” fighting for human rights have condemned the “indiscriminate” detention of some human right activists and trade union leaders, branding them “Naxalites.”

“It has become an obsession with the Gujarat government and its police to brand human right activists Naxalites to stifle the voice of protest by the poor and the downtrodden. Civil society need to stand up against such undemocratic methods of the police to curb dissensions against the government administration,” Hiren Gandhi, director of “Darshan,” a voluntary organisation, human rights activist and advocate Girish Patel, and several others said here on Tuesday.

They were particularly protesting against the detention earlier this week of a Dalit leader, Ambubhai Vaghela Srinivas Sattayya Kurapati alias Kishore, who hails from Andhra Pradesh but has made Gujarat his work place for the last eight years or so, and his young wife, Hansaben.


India’s Backwards Needs A Better Avatar-Vishal Mangalawadi

India’s Backwards Needs A Better Avatar
(Maoists, Gandhi and Hollywood’s Avatar)
Vishal Mangalwadi

Mother India
You are not in Hollywood’s Pandora . . . where James Cameron’s “Avatar” incarnated as a Na’vi to save the tribals from greed-driven brutal capitalists. You are in Mahatma Gandhi’s land of non-violence, where snakes and monkeys are gods and trees and women are goddesses, and yet where paramilitary forces can slice off a 25-year-old-woman’s breasts before butchering her and her elderly parents and chopping off three fingers from her 2-year-old toddler’s. Why?

Because, her parents were Maoist informers.
If so, why not present the case against them before a court?
Aren’t we a democracy, ruled by law?
Of course! We are the world’s largest democracy,
but who fights a war with democratic niceties?
What? . . . Is India at war?

Why else would anyone blast a bus carrying 12 Special Officers 20-feet up in the air with sophisticated explosives? Does that sound like a law-and-order problem to you? Don’t you know that enemy nations have already trained and equipped a standing army of 10,000 insurgents into becoming brutal beasts? At least one more lakh (100,000) trained rebels are living as “normal” people. Justice is for humans, not animals. The bus had twice as many civilians as paramilitary officers. Had these heartless terrorists allowed civilians to get off the bus before blowing it up, we could have considered treating them with civilized justice. The Prime Minister knows what he is talking about when he says that these Hindus-turned-Maoists are a much greater internal security threat to our nation than the few Muslims-turned-Jihadists.