UN rights chief deplores India's move to deport Rohingyas, flays Gauri's murder

Press Trust of India, Geneva, Sep 11 2017, 19:02 IST
Speaking at the opening of a Human Rights Council session here, Zeid also referred to the killing of activist-journalist Gauri Lankesh, observing that she 'tirelessly addressed the corrosive effect of sectarianism and hatred.' Reuters


You have become a silent accomplice in cheating the nation, Ram Jethmalani in letter to PM Narendra Modi

Noted lawyer and Rajya Sabha MP Ram Jethmalani has written a letter stridently criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi mostly over his promise of retrieving black money stashed away abroad.

Here are snapshots of a portion of the letter. Read it full on his website


Karnataka, two Pentecostal Christians arrested for forced conversions

07/09/2017 INDIA
Mercy and Rosaline guilty of distributing religious material. Hindu activists have surrounded and handed over to the police. The police did not find Christian brothels. Article 25 of the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion.