AVBP,radical hindu outfit try to storm United Theological college, Bangalore

The ABVP activists, who had protested at the college till 12.30 am on Saturday, continued the protests on Sunday . Global Council of Indian Christians(GCIC) condemns attempts by hindutva radicals extraconstitutional acts of violence against Christian Institution
BENGALURU: Following Saturday’s incident where anti-India and anti-Indian Army slogans were shouted during an event at United Theological College on Millers Road, more than 50 activists of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) protested in front of the college on Sunday. As they tried to barge into the college, around 30 activists were detained and released by the police. The ABVP activists, who had protested at the college till 12.30 am on Saturday, continued the protests on Sunday noon. They demanded the immediate arrest of those who raised anti-India slogans during the event – ‘Broken Families’ – organised by the Amnesty International India.The activists, who painted the college name board black, tried to storm into the college around 2 pm, shouting slogans against the organisers, participants and college authorities.


Campaign on Kashmiri families ends in protests

Abrupt end to performance by hip-hop artiste leads to tempers flaring

The abrupt end of an event organised by Amnesty International India on Saturday to highlight the plight of families in Kashmir resulted in verbal clashes between groups of people on the sensitive issue.

The organisers had been told to end the discussion exactly at 8.30 p.m. While the programme was fraught with arguments and counter-arguments, the abrupt ending in the middle of a performance by Kashmiri hip-hop artiste, M.C. Kash, led to tempers flaring.

The artiste told The Hindu that he had expected to play five songs, all pertaining to the conflict at the “land of bloody crackdowns”. The cutting short of his second song (as the police insisted the mikes be switched off) led to the crowd of young Kashmiris shouting pro-Kashmir Independence slogans. Even as some members of the student community attempted to calm them, outside the hall at United Theological College, a group of Kashmiri Pandits were shouting “Bharat Mata ki Jai” while demanding that students “be arrested for seditious statements”.


The American Quaker Family who fought for India's freedom

Samuel Stokes made India his home and participated in the freedom struggle.
IMAGE: Samuel Stokes in a photograph taken in Pennsylvania with his Indian wife and his first born. Photograph, kind courtesy Asha Sharma
He was the only American to be imprisoned for sedition; the British CID even maintained a special file on him.
Stokes also bought apples to Himachal Pradesh and transformed the lives of the state's farmers.
As India celebrates its 70th Independence Day next week, Asha Sharma, Samuel Stokes' grand-daughter, tells Rediff.com's Archana Masih about her extraordinary grandfather and wonders why he is hardly remembered today.


Global Councle of Indian Christians mourn death of orissa crusader. Graham Staines to Kandhamal

Emeritus Archbishop Raphael Cheenath of Cuttack -Bhubaneswar will be be remembered for stostoutly fighting for justice. Our association has began in.1999 after the brutal murders of Graham Staines and children to Fr.Arul.Doss
He was a great encourager to us when the forced conversions of Christians were challenged by us.and.subsequent dialogue with Puri Shankaracharya.
When Odisha government refused NGOs and civil society to distribute the relief for Kandhamal victims & survivors, he took the matters to Supreme Court and got the state government order cancelled. On his petition, Supreme Court, earlier in the month, passed order for enhancing compensation as well as reopening of the closed 315 cases. I saluted the man, who was a friend and guide for last 25 years and had several times interactions. He made the difference in the lives of the thousand of people. We fought for justice till the end.