Indian Pastor arrested by Kuwait Police

Shibu Mathew.jpg
Kuwait Police has arrested an Indian Pastor (Rev Shibu Mathew) Christ Embasy Church Mangaf on Monday for he spoke against islam in Christian islam debate group. A few malayali muhammadans filed complaint against in Kuwait Police. Christian leaders from Kuwait is trying their best level to rescue this man of God. This Sunday is the final judgement.
I request from all dear brothers and sisters to uphold Pastor Shibu Mathew in your prayer.


India-Sagar Christians call for protection after fiery protest

Hindu nationalists carrying burning torches accuse missionaries of violating anti-conversion law as they issue ultimatum.
Members of a hardline Hindu group, Dharam Jagaran Samanwaya Samiti (Religious awakening co-ordination committee), get ready for a torchlight march in the central Indian town of Sagar Nov. 10. They are seeking action against Christians for alleged religious conversion. (Photo by Saji Thomas/ Bhopal:
A Catholic bishop has sought protection for the Christian community in the central Indian Madhya Pradesh state after Hindu nationalists marched through the streets waving burning torches and denouncing missionaries.


India's malnutrition disease burden 12 times higher than China: Report

India(Delhi):The report said Kerala had the lowest burden of malnutrition among the Indian states, but even that was 2.7 times higher per person than in China.
Disease burden due to child and maternal malnutrition in India was 12 times higher per person than in China in 2016 even as the life expectancy at birth in the country improved by over a decade, said a report on Tuesday.

Titled "India State-level Disease Burden Report and Technical Paper", the comprehensive report indicated that although the disease burden due to malnutrition dropped in India substantially since 1990, it was still responsible for 15 per cent of the total disease burden in 2016.


Little sympathy for Rohingya in main-street Myanmar

Anti-Muslim Buddhist monks have helped fuel rampant racism and are now reaping dividents
While thousands of Rohingya have fled from violence and the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world is unfolding in Rakhine, another story is happening in other parts of Myanmar with no sympathy on the plight of Rohingya among the general population amid rising nationalism and anti-Muslim sentiment.