Kandhamal's violence-hit Christians continue to inspire


Catholic women leaders from across India with Christians in the Kandhamal region of eastern on Oct. 5. Anti-Christian violence erupted in the region nine years ago resulting in 100 deaths. (photo provided) Bhubaneswar:
Catholic women leaders have drawn inspiration from the faith shown by survivors of the violent anti-Christian Kandhamal attacks when they recently visited the region in the eastern Indian state of Odisha.

Martin Luther and 500th Protestant Reformation

The Monk Who Changed the World: Martin Luther and the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation
On All Hallow's Eve in 1517, in the town of Wittenberg, Germany, a young monk named Martin Luther posted a document he hoped would spark an academic debate, but that instead ignited a conflagration that would forever destroy the world he knew.


Jharkhand, Hindu extremists accuse a Catholic principal of boycotting their stores

Dilip Ekka directs the school of St. Joseph. The goal of nationalists is to crush the educational system of Catholic institutes in India. Sajan K George: "Christians are demonised as rextremists because they work for tribal development."


Hindu Swami attacks Mother Teresa. Sajan K George: His holiness speaks alone

Hindu guru Paripoornananda accuses Calcutta's santa from bidding 50,000 women. Christian Leaders: "Let us pray for the love of Jesus to touch the swami
Mumbai (AsiaNews) - Still Hindu radical attacks against Mother Teresa. This is a complaint to AsiaNews Sajan K George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (Gcic). The Christian leaders condemn yet another verbal aggression against the "Mother of the Poor" pronounced by the swami Paripoornananda in a Telugu television channel. In his speech the Hindu guru accused the founder of the Missionaries of Charity of having trafficked 50 thousand women. Sajan K George states: "Mother Teresa does not need any defense. His holiness speaks alone. "
The leader of the GCIC reported that the swami "with an altered attitude has wondered why Mother Teresa has chosen India and other poor countries do not. Then he added that the Calcutta saint trafficked women illegally in various states. "