Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) Celebrates International Day of Peace

GCIC was established for the advocacy of freedom of faith and continues to lobby the agencies and people responsible at the local and national levels for upholding and implementation of the constitutional guarantees and Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Ministry of Home Affairs identified 32 sensitve locations across india

Tue, Sep 21
Days before the court pronounces its verdict in the Ayodhya land title suit, the Centre has asked all state governments — Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka in particular — to heighten their security preparedness to deal with any law and order problems that may erupt after the verdict.


Girl defies burqa diktat for denim fear for her life from bigots

Thiruvananthapuram: Sep 18,

Rayana R Khasi is a 23-year-old engineering graduate preparing for civil services main exams. However, she has an even tougher task than preparing for the competitive tests, for she has been facing threats from religious fundamentalists. And the two policemen posted outside her house at Vidyanagar in Kasargod show the enormity of the threat.