GCIC's Reply to National Human Rights Commission of India

The Assistant Registrar (Law),
National Human Rights Commission,
Faridkot House, Copernicus Marg,
New Delhi-110 001.

Dear Sir,

Subject: The GCIC Comments on the Report Submitted by Police/State Authority,
Government of Karnataka, on Implementing NHRC Recommendations on
The Attacks Against Christians in Karnataka.
Ref : Your Case No.336/10/108-09, letter dated 01/10/2010.

This is in response to your letter dated 01-10-2010, Case No.336/10/108-09 asking us for our comments on the Report submitted by the Police/State Authority, Government of Karnataka, on implementing the NHRC Recommendations on the attacks against Christians, their places of worship and their property in Karnataka, from September 2008 to this day.

At the outset, we wish to thank the Hon’ble Chairman and other Hon’ble Members of the National Human Rights Commission, for so kindly taking up our cause and responding very positively to the complaint lodged to the Commission by the Global Council of Indian Christians, on 14th October, 2008, when the situation for Christians in Karnataka became quite unbearable and even frightening after the BJP assumed power in the State and let the Sangh Parivar outfits to take law into their hands and let loose a period of lawlessness and a reign of terror. We sincerely appreciate the responsible role the NHRC is plying in the country today, a constitutional body consisting of accomplished men of excellence and legal expertise, and more than anything else of a touch of human kindness and concern for those who get marginalized and victimized in our society today, by the unbridled forces of evil at work, engendered and encouraged by the illogical and primordial loyalties of short-sighted people in our country. An august constitutional body like yours would not only be instrumental in shaping the improved methods of implementing the hopes and aspirations of the people of India, as enshrined in our Constitution, but could also become the very means of ushering in an era of mutual respect and trust among all Indians in a multifaceted society like ours.


GCIC wishes our Hindu friends on this festival of lights- A Joy-filled Deepavali!

May the Light, enlighten your hearts and minds to promote harmony in society and peace in India and in the world.”

Diwali which is the Festival of
Triumph of good over evil
Removal of darkness and ignorance

May the Enlightened believer seek to become a rich resource for lasting peace.

May this Festival of Light dispel the darkness of divisiveness and intolerance and work for a culture that promotes respect, trust and cooperation.

Happy Deepavali.


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