International community ignores massacre of Christians inside Iraqi church by Jihadis

United States was purportedly victorious in Iraq and continues to battle Islamic militants in Afghanistan, al-Qaeda has now executed an anti-Christian massacre in Baghdad which reveals how hollow such a "victory" remains for the persecuted Christian community within Iraq. According to the Washington Post, the attack involved al-Qaeda militants from outside Iraq:
The siege suggested that al-Qaeda in Iraq, the weakened Sunni insurgent group that asserted responsibility for the attack, remains capable of carrying out mass-casualty operations.


Sikh immigrant Nikki Hailey got elected as the first Indian American women Governor

WASHINGTON: Riding a Republican wave, Nikki Haley , a daughter of Sikh immigrant parents from Amritsar, created history as the first Indian American woman to win the Governor's race in South Carolina state .

Haley, born Nimrata (Nikki) Randhawa will be the first woman chief executive of the State and America's second Indian-American governor after Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, also a Republican, who became the first with his election three years ago.

Operation Iraqi freedom and Christians in Iraq-Navaid Member, National Integration Council of India

Operation Iraqi freedom and Christians in Iraq

The attack on the Christian minority on Black Sunday evening of 31 October 2010 at Baghdad Catholic church of Our Lady of Salvation and subsequent killings of 52 innocents including women, children and the old needs strongest condemnation from all and the attack no doubt is a heinous crime against humanity. The tragedy was result of the siege of the Church by the terrorists and the attempt by the security forces to free the hostages. The incidents have left more than 60 wounded.


GCIC congratulates new catholicos of Orthodox church -Baselios Marthoma Poulose II

Malankara Orthodox Church hails new head

The Malankara Orthodox Church in Kerala has consecrated its new Catholicos (autonomous head) in a special ceremony attended by thousands of people.
The Orthodox Church traces its origins to Saint Thomas the Apostle who evangelized India. The Malankara Orthodox Church in India, with one million faithful worldwide. The church is influential in Kerala.Catholicos Poulose Mar Milithios, now known as Baselios Marthoma Poulose II, was consecrated after his predecessor Baselios Marthoma Didymus I decided to step down on his 90th birthday on Oct. 29.