Priest charged over pupil’s death from fever
St. Paul's School in Lucknow

Utter Pradesh Police have charged a Catholic priest-principal in Lucknow with negligence after an 11-year old girl at his school died in the hospital following a fever.The priest and the Lucknow diocese deny any wrongdoing.

Arundhati Vaishya, a sixth-grade student at St. Paul’s School in the Uttar Pradesh state capital, complained of high fever and vomiting on Oct. 6. She died a week later.

Politics has to be separated from religion: spiritual leaders at Ecumenical Christian Centre

Indian Politicians are hijacking religion for their own purposes. This was the general opinion of religious leaders who participated in the dialogue-meeting hosted by Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams at the Ecumenical Christian Centre here on Wednesday.

“Do not use politics to enforce views on others. A proper democracy and religious freedom go hand in hand,” the Archbishop said during the public discussion held after the private dialogue with Hindu leaders representing various schools of thought.


Report links Mubarak to 'severe persecution' of Christians by Muslims in Egypt

WASHINGTON — The Egyptian regime of President Hosni Mubarak is said to be inciting the Muslim majority against the nation's Christians.

A leading Middle East analyst asserted that the Mubarak regime has facilitated what he termed "severe persecution" by Muslims of Egypt's Christian minority. Raymond Ibrahim, who lectures at the National Defense Intelligence College, said Egypt has transformed into the spearhead of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has intimidated the nation's estimated eight million Coptic Christians.
"Indeed, recent events indicate that the Mubarak regime is intentionally inciting Egypt's Muslims against the Copts," Ibrahim said.


Pak Terrorist Kasab wants safe Passage to Obama's America

Pakistani terrorist Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab, caught alive during the 26/11 Mumbai mayhem, Tuesday spat on the video-conferencing camera in the Arthur Road Central Jail from where he ‘attends’ the proceedings in the Mumbai High Court where arguments on confirming his death sentence are going on. He also came on the live video-screen and demanded that he should be sent to the US for safety with his associates(sleeper cells)