Confined and Starved, Believers Being Forced to Deny Christ in Puri

Fanatic Hindu Fundamentalists in Paikamara village in Puri District have forcibly confined 3 new believers, Aswini Sahu(28), Sanatana Jena(24), and Amulya Swain(26) in a private house, starving and torturing them repeatedly during the last 4 days forcing them to deny their new-found faith in Jesus Christ.


Chickmagalur Calvary AG chuch pastor attacked,arrested and GCIC intervened and released

About 20-25 anti Gospel activists barged into the residence of a believer, Sister Sheela , in Boothanhalli Kaval ,near S. Bidra village in Chickmagalur on Friday evening at 7.30pm 15thOctober, 2010, when Pastor Surendra(31yrs) from Calvary AG Church was conducting a cottage prayer service.


National council of Churches in India(NCCI) conversation with Arch bishop of canterbury


The head of the global Anglican Communion, the 104th Bishop of Canterbury, and the first Archbishop of Canterbury since the English Reformation to be appointed from a position outside the Church of England, Most Reverend and Rt. Hon. Archbishop Dr. Rowan Williams today on the 14th October 2010
participated in a conversation on the theme, ‘Mission Engagement in Ecumenical Setting’, with the ecumenical fraternity at the National Council of Churches in India, Nagpur.