Churches understand the need of unity-Arch bishop of Canterbury

Violence against Christians has helped Churches understand the need of unity, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, told a meeting of Church of North India.

“Sustained violence against Christians in India has helped different denominations to bridge differences and heed the Good Shepherd’s voice,” the head of the world-wide Anglican communion said during the conclusion of the 40th anniversary celebration of the Church of North India (CNI) on Oct. 14.


Poster Girl of Taliban Oppression Unveils Her New Face-receives heart endures award

London | Oct 13, 2010
A young Afghan girl, who went on to become a poster girl of Taliban oppression in Afghanistan after her nose was sliced off by her militant husband, has unveiled her new face to the world.


Several Dalits to convert to Buddhism - mark 54th anniversary of Ambedkarji's similar act

GULBARGA: A large number of Dalits will convert to Buddhism here on Thursday to mark the 54th anniversary of B.R. Ambedkar converting to Buddhism at Nagpur in Maharashtra along with his followers.
International Bouddha Yuva Sanghatane and the Buddhist Society of India would jointly organise the fifth mass ‘Buddha Dhamma Deeksha' programme at the MSK Mill Grounds here on Thursday.
October 14 was an important date in the annals of India as it was on this day that Ambedkar had embraced Buddhism in protest against the oppressive caste system that prevailed in the country.Global council of Indian Christians(GCIC) wished all success for the Dalits converting for liberating from the clutches of oppression


Opportunity to stop the Christian exodus from Iraq

Synod, an opportunity to stop the Christian exodus from Iraq
by Louis Sako
Iraq’s Christian community could disappear if the international community does not intervene to guarantee its presence in this land. Emigration should be discouraged and Christian-Muslim reconciliation should be encouraged.