Karnataka government to convert beggers colony to a convention centre.

Bangalore:Aug 23,
The State government transferred the land to the BDA despite stiff opposition from the Legislative Standing Committee for SC and ST Welfare. The committee had recommended that the entire land should continue to be in the possession of the Social Welfare Department so that it could take up future expansion of the colony, besides providing better facilities to the destitutes.


Social Boycott of Christians in Belgaum Dist.Karnataka

Social Boycott of Christians after Sri Ram Sena extremists falsely accuse AG Pastor David of bribing villagers to convert
On 20th August Sri Ram Sena members stormed Christian worship in Bendwada village, Belgaum Dist.Karnataka, falsely alleging allurement to conversion against the pastor


Belgaum Christian Cemetery Road Blocked Once Again by Indian Army

A Rolling Shutter now blocks Cemetery Road - the legal approach to the Christian Cemetery. in Belgaum, Karnataka
In August 2009, the high court had passed an interim injunction restraining the army, their agents/ servants or people acting on their behalf to erect tall fence posts across the Cemetery Road and not to alter the character and nature of the roads there.