Chinese extend blind Human Rights activist's jail term

News Update Chen Guangcheng, blind activist, free after more than four years in prison
He denounced violence related to the one child law, with forced abortions and sterilizations in Shandong. In prison he was sick but denied treatment. In recent years, his wife has been under house arrest and isolation, telephone controlled and internet disconnected.


Pastor detained in Doni village, Gadag distrct Karnataka

Pastor Mallikarjuna Sangalad aged 36 years belonging to Indian Pentecostal Church, started a worship in Doni village. The worship is conducted in a shed belonging to one of the believer Mr Nagaraj.
There are about 60 believers participating in the worship. The service is conducted on every Sunday from 7.30 pm to

Some Christians denied Flood relief aid unless they convert to Islam in Pakistan

September 06, 2010

The head of an organization that combats anti-Christian persecution charges that some Pakistani Christian families are being denied flood aid unless they convert to Islam.As far as the aid brought by Islamic charity groups, they defend themselves by saying that according to their doctrine, the money from the zakhat (Islamic alms) should go only to Muslims,”“A