GCIC strongly condemns the attack on Christian Karens, Tha Dah Der village, Karen State, Burma

GCIC strongly condemns the attack on Christian Karens on July 23rd in, Tha Dah Der village, Karen State, Burma

Burma Army soldiers shelled Tha Dah Der village with mortar rounds before burning the village to the ground destroying nearly burning 50 homes, a school and a church.


Hinduvta extremists assault Retired Indian Army Soldier during mass

Hinduvta extremists on June 5th assault Retired Indian Army Nepal Soldier in Aulo village in Myagdi district in western Nepal

Sher Bahadur Pun, a 68-year- and his son, Akka Bahadur Pun, were attacked by a mob during mass in Aulo village in Myagdi district in western Nepal.


Allegation of Blasphemy is now a death sentence in Pakistan

Christians in Pakistan take to the streets to protest the death in custody of a Catholic youth accused of blasphemy against Islam

Many won’t agree with this claim and consider it over-exaggerated. But they must then explain how the insult to a holy personage can be tantamount to the death sentence when none of the saints or prophets killed those who rebuked them, according to all the holy books.


Lecturer attack case: Police suspect illegal money transactions,Kerala Government probe 'Taliban model orders'.

Aluva: Police informed the Kerala High Court that it suspects illegal money transactions going on at the jewellery shop owned by an accused in the lecturer attack case. Police said this while the court was considering the plea by the jewellery owners to allow them to open the shop and function. Police investigation is progressing on money transactions and the purpose for which it was done. In its report, police also stated that the money and jewelleries were removed from the closed shop. The probe is being conducted by the Aluva rural police. Earlier, during a raid in Ayoob's house, police seized many documents, CDs and a gun.
Government to probe functioning religious courts

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Government today announced a probe into the activities of religious committees run by radical
outfit, PFI, whose activists chopped off the hand of a college lecturer recently.

Appropriate legal action would be taken if the Popular Front of India's committees were found to be violating the law, Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan told the assembly.

Balakrishnan said it had come to government's notice that certain committees headed by religious authorities by the name 'Dar-ul Khada' were functioning to resolve civil disputes of Muslim community but no complaint had been received that they were passing 'Taliban model orders'.