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We started Persecution Update to provide advocacy for suffering Christians, and inspiring stories to help you reach your community and change the world. Advocacy with something raw and origional updated news is a challenging yet important function that GCIC provides for suffering Christians because Scripture shows plainly His heart towards the afflicted and His call to us to speak up for them and defend them. Read and if you like please spread the magazine ..


Open letter to Prime Minister Rutte about the visit of Indian Prime Minister Modi to the Netherlands:

Talk to Narendra Modi about human rights violations
On June 27, Prime Minister Modi of India will pay his first official visit to the Netherlands. Reasons for this visit are the 70 years diplomatic relations between India and the Netherlands and the fact that the Netherlands is one of the largest investors in India.Silent support for violence of hindu extremists


US Senators Urge Trump To Grill Modi Over Crackdown On NGOs,

"Despite India’s size and religious diversity, violations of religious liberty have existed for years."
WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 26: Five American Senators have asked US President Donald Trump to use his meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi as an opportunity to discuss India's "discriminatory" policies against foreign religious and humanitarian organizations.