Guam's faithful look to God as North Korea threat looms

"If we were given 14 minutes to decide what to do with our lives, do you think you'd have enough time?"
Gofigan was referring to the length of time the Guam Homeland Security department estimates it would take a North Korean missile to reach the island. It's not idle debate.


BJPJharkhand Government Is Misusing Gandhi, Public Funds to Fuel Anti-Christian Hate

The quotation published in a newspaper ad is misleading and mischievous. It is erroneous and puts words in Gandhi’s mouth that are not his.


Bihar, two Christian Nepalese couples stops for ' forced conversions’ Nirmala Carvalho,-due-coppie-cristiane-nepalesi-fer...
The four Nepalese have evangelized for a month some quarters of the city of Muzaffarpur. They are accused of attempting to convert the poor with money entrapments. But there is no evidence. The Indian Constitution guarantees the right to propagate its faith.