Girl defies burqa diktat for denim fear for her life from bigots

Thiruvananthapuram: Sep 18,

Rayana R Khasi is a 23-year-old engineering graduate preparing for civil services main exams. However, she has an even tougher task than preparing for the competitive tests, for she has been facing threats from religious fundamentalists. And the two policemen posted outside her house at Vidyanagar in Kasargod show the enormity of the threat.


Five men were arrested in London over terror plot against the pope :GCIC condemns terror plot aginst Pope

17th September 2010.

Pope Benedict XVI is in England’s capital on the second day of a four-day visit to the country.According to cops, the men were between the ages of 26 and 50. They were arrested at a business in central London.Police would not reveal details on the threat, and authorities would not say if the men were British or divulge their nationality.But London's Telegraph reported the men are suspected Islamist terrorists from a variety of countries, including Algeria. The publication reported the men were arrested because they were planning to assassinate the pope.


Mangalore: Women’s Juma prayer issue causes unrest in Masjidun Noor -women attacked

Friday, 17 September 2010 17:39

Mangalore, September 17: Masjidun Noor, which created history by arranging a place for women inside the Masjid for the first time in the city approximately two decades ago, witnessed a strange Jum’a on Friday, September 17 on the basis of a court order.
Two groups of people engaged in a scuffle inside the Masjid premises


Babri Masjid demolition: HC refuses to defer verdict

Lucknow, Sept 17 - An effort for deferring the judgement in the 60-year-old title suit in the Ramjanambhoomi -Babri Masjid dispute was today rebuffed by the Allahabad High Court, which will now pronounce its verdict on Sept 24.
A 3-judge Special Bench of the Court rejected a petition filed by one Ramesh Chandra Tripathi for deferring the judgment for working out an out-of-court amicable settlement of the issue saying there was no no merit in the application.