Declare India a ‘Hindu Rashtra’(Nation): Hindu convention resolution

Over 342 delegates representing 132 right-wing organisations from across India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka attended the four-day convention at Ramnathi in Ponda, Goa.-NDIA Updated: Jun 17, 2017 -Hindu Rashtra
Among other things, the cow is considered sacred by Hindus, and one of the demands right-wing groups has been nationalising a ban on cow slaughter. The All India Hindu Convention on Saturday passed a resolution demanding that India and Nepal be declared ‘Hindu Rashtra’.


Vikram Rai is an Asst. Prof of Journalism and Mass Communication ,St. Joseph college arrested in midnight raid

Darjeeling, June 17:
Vikram Rai is an Asst. Prof of Journalism and Mass Communication at the prestigious St. Joseph's College. He is a reputed journalist in the hill area. He had been managing media on behalf of GTA. Is that the only reason behind this arrest?- the question has been raised in the area. When Darjeeling is totally at civil and political unrest, these kinds of sudden arrests may lead to more violent protest.

Hindu Rashtra: Is it good for Hindus? Ram Puniyani

Gandhi the greatest Hindu of his times pointed out, "In India, for whose fashioning I have worked all my life, every man enjoys equality of status, whatever his religion is. The state is bound to be wholly secular", and, "religion is not the test of nationality but is a personal matter between man and God, and," religion is a personal affair of each individual, it must not be mixed up with politics or national affairs" (Harijan August 31, 1947)
Hindu Rashtra: Is it good for Hindus?
Ram Puniyani
Hindu Rashtra is the goal of Hindu nationalist politics, which is also called as Hindutva. In contrast to Hinduism,


Indian Bishops' president 'losing hope' Francis will visit India in 2017

VATICAN CITY The head of India's Catholic bishops' conference said he thinks Pope Francis may not be able to visit his country as planned at the end of 2017.
Bombay Cardinal Oswald Gracias said that while he is optimistic the pope will visit India at some point in the future, discussions with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government about a visit this year have taken longer than expected.