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We started Persecution Update to provide advocacy for suffering Christians, and inspiring stories to help you reach your community and change the world. Advocacy with something raw and origional updated news is a challenging yet important function that GCIC provides for suffering Christians because Scripture shows plainly His heart towards the afflicted and His call to us to speak up for them and defend them. Read and if you like please spread the magazine ..


Jammu Christian congregation face grave threat

Emergency Prayer Request from Jammu Region:

 Seemadevi from Sehal village was a new believer from Rajput family suddenly she became Mad and she was brought to Church for Prayer .Evangelist and Believers of Sehal Church Prayed for her earnestly but there was little improvement . Some of their relatives insisted them to take Jalandhar (Punjab) for Prayer and Treatment when she was attended Pastor Ankur Nirula (Independent Pastor) meeting she was recovered few day but suddenly within 4 days again her condition became worst and she has died in Jalandhar itself.


Social Welfare department of Rajasthan Government harassing Emmanuel institutions

On 15th January 2:30pm local social welfare office staff and some police men came a raided the Kota based Emmanuel Mission office and later ceased the office saying that the ministry is not cooperating with them. The police then asked all the staff to leave the office and took photocopies of many files.
This harassment is happening in spite of the Rajasthan high court and Supreme Court’s written permission to operate the mission as before. The government department is unnecessarily creating problems for the mission work. The department sometimes take the children from Immanuel orphanage and make unwarranted public statement in the media to harass and stop the mission work. The officials have ceased the missions head office without any no prior notice or information. The officials have not even given a show cause notice or have asked for any documents or explanation and unilaterally ceased the office.
Emmanuel Mission was founded by late Bishop M A Thomas and are into humanitarian activities.