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We started Persecution Update to provide advocacy for suffering Christians, and inspiring stories to help you reach your community and change the world. Advocacy with something raw and origional updated news is a challenging yet important function that GCIC provides for suffering Christians because Scripture shows plainly His heart towards the afflicted and His call to us to speak up for them and defend them. Read and if you like please spread the magazine ..


Conference Held in the United Nations on Persecution of Pakistani Christian Minorities

GENEVA, March 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --
A conference on Persecution of Pakistani Minorities was held on Monday, 12th March 2018 in United Nations during the 37th Session of UN Human Rights Council. The conference was held with the objective of drawing the attention of the international community to the increasing violence and killings of Christians in Pakistan. Dr Mario Silva, Chairman of International Forum for Rights & Security moderated the event, while the speakers included Ms. Salma Bhatti & Ms. Shazia Khokhar, both Christians from Pakistan. Naveed Walter, the President of Human Rights Focus Pakistan joined the conference through Skype.


Tamil Nadu four Pentecostal prayer centres attacked

03/14/2018 INDIA
Tamil Nadu, Passion of Lent: four Pentecostal prayer centers attacked

Places of worship are all located in the Madurai district. Pastors and faithful mistreated with obscene language. Hindu radicals threaten to attack the homes of Christians.

Radicalised Hindus Vandalised Christian hospital
The news about ujjain pushpa Hospital is an incident which happened just yesterday ie on 12.March Since one month this topic was open but the real attack took place yesterday. Gagan Singh the private secretary of Bjp leader Chinthamany claimed the property in front of the hospital belong to him and encroached it yesterday
Using jcb they destroyed the hospital gate. Made a pit to block any vehicles entering the campus, blocked the water supply electricity and generator. Put up a new wall making a portion as their land and people were around the hospital guarding until last night the hospital staff were also injured in the attack. No police came to the rescue even after getting the information