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Prayer meeting disrupted in Barwaha, Madhya Pradesh

Hinduvta extremists on 25th July, disrupted Christian worship in Barwaha, near Indore, Madhya Pradesh. On Sunday morning as Pastor Subash Chouhan of the Indian Evangelical Team was leading the Sunday Worship, a mob of Hinduvta extremists barged in, distrupted worship, and terrified the Believers. Stopping the service, they arrogantly demanded answers from pastors and believers to their questions. They photographed the congregation and told the pastor to stop his tailoring school which he conducted where even non believers came to learn the tailoring skills.


Rent A Riot Ram Sene Now Target Christian Churches

Pramod Muthalik, Sri Ram Sene chief, who was caught on camera for promising riots for price in Muslim concentration areas, through his local unit petitions the BBMP with False and Fabricated Information about a Church Renovation.
GCIC strongly condemns the interference of the Ram Sene in the renovation of Ebenazer Prayer hall, IPC Church,Nanjapa Layout,A-Narayanapura, Bangalore