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PFI aims to convert Kerala into Muslim majority: Achuthanandan-Kerala Chief Minister

New Delhi-24th July2010
Radical Islamic outfit Popular Front of India (PFI) is aiming to convert Kerala into a Muslim majority state in the next 20 years, Kerala Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan said here Saturday.
“For achieving that goal, the outfit is pumping money to attract youth and give them weapons. They also try to convert youth from other communities and persuade them to marry Muslim girls,”(love jihads) Achuthanandan informed reporters here.


Catholic Pole to orchestrate the daring rescue of his Jewish girlfriend from gas chamber

Former inmate recalls daring escape from death camp
Nowytarg (Poland), July 23, :
The 23-year-old Bielecki used his privileged position as a German-speaking Catholic Pole to orchestrate the daring rescue of his Jewish girlfriend who was doomed to die in the concentration camp in Auschwitz


High school boy takes live bomb to school in West Bengal to blow up!!

West Bengal-India
BEHRAMPORE, 23 JULY: Police in Murshidabad have arrested a teenaged boy who brought a live bomb to school today. Sabirul Sheikh, apparently a firm believer that all's is fair in love and war, allegedly planned to attack a rival for the affections of a girl, both of them fellow students.
At around 10.30 a.m. as the students and teachers of the Chhatina Kandi Gurupada High School in Kandi municipality were getting ready for the daily prayer meeting, Sheikh, a standard VIII student, was heard asking around for a senior, Krishna Ghosh, a class X student who had beaten him up yesterday. The two had reportedly quarrelled over Krishna’s girlfriend, also a student of the co-educational school.