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Belgaum Christian Cemetery Road Blocked Once Again by Indian Army

A Rolling Shutter now blocks Cemetery Road - the legal approach to the Christian Cemetery. in Belgaum, Karnataka
In August 2009, the high court had passed an interim injunction restraining the army, their agents/ servants or people acting on their behalf to erect tall fence posts across the Cemetery Road and not to alter the character and nature of the roads there.


GCIC anquished over the death of 26 beggars in Bangalore

GCIC anquished over the death of 26 beggars in the Beggars Rehabilitation Centre within a span of last four days in Karnataka
As the Whole World readies for the Birth Centenary of Mother Teresa known as the Saint of the Gutters, the death of these 26 beggars in the State run Beggars Relief Centre is a cause for concern and investigations.


Pastor detained in Bagalkot, Karnataka

Pastor Hanoch Mahadev Inachi along with Sister Thara and Sister Gowary was taken under police custody on 19.08.10 at from Dowleswaram Village, Mudhol Talik , Bagalkot.
Both the sisters belong to the youth with a mission (YWAM, Ghataprabha)
Pastor Enoch belong to the Living Water Full Gospel Church and he is pasturing New Apostolic Church in Dowleswaram. This church was established about 10 years ago and has about 25 believers.

Weed out Christianity, says Hindu BJP nationalist leader,-says-Hindu-BJP-nat...
Prahlad Remani, a state lawmaker with the Bharatiya Janata Party, made the statement at Independence Day celebrations. For the Global Council of Indian Christians, “the tally of anti-Christian incidents has topped 200” since the BJP came to power in 2008. The latest occurred on 15 August, when two Protestant clergymen were attacked by Hindu extremists and detained by police.