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right-wing Hindu organisation Sanatan Sanstha has been arrested for his alleged role in the 2009 Goa blast case

Sanatan Sanstha member arrested in Goa blast case
An absconding member of right-wing Hindu organisation Sanatan Sanstha has been arrested for his alleged role in the 2009 Goa blast case, Maharashtra ATS today said.


CNI Church attacked in Mumbai

The Church of North India's St. Emmanuel's Church in Valani Colony, Orlem, Malad (W), Mumbai was targetted by anti-social gang of around 8 persons on Sunday. the 1st of August 2010, who beat up the worship gathering of believers. Of them one, Ponkumar Nadar was grievously injured and is serious in Bhagwati Hospital in Borivali (W), while others, including one Devashish Nadar who was bleeding & the other injured are being treated privately.


2 Brother were Killed in in Faislabad- Video

The recent report of 2 Pastors murdered outside of a courtroom reveals the
manipulation of the blasphemy lawby extremists to target Christians and the government failure to provide adequate protection to religious minorities under threat despite forewarning of the event. Please lift your prayers for the family and community of the Pastors and for the safety of those still in Faisalabad and vulnerable to the rising tensions.


Benedict XVI: The pope of his epoch (II)

Written by John A. Oyewole
JOHN Paul 11, throughout his pontificate, was a model of peace and love for humanity, whose dignity he believed should be restored. This he did by simple positive actions like embracing persons with HIV/AIDS at the time when people were most reluctant to touch them. John Paul 11 extended the arms of oneness, friendship, dialogue and ecumenism by praying at the Wailing Wall as well as in the Mosque in Jerusalem while respecting the decorum of each religion; and it was during his era that a mighty Mosque was built in Rome.
Because of these and more, Pope John Paul 11 won the admiration of many including non-Christians. Besides, John Paul 11 made series of apologies to those concerned, and stressed the importance of the right of peaceful co-existence of all groups of people. The fact that Muslims and Jews see him as a great man is indeed an indication of a man of God who strove to make peace between opposing people who indeed should have been friends.