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Law panel opens conversion debate

New Delhi: A person changing religion should be required to undergo certain legal procedures to avoid any controversy regarding his or her faith, the Law Commission has said. Currently, a person is free to convert to any religion but there are no legal requirements to be fulfilled. Absence of legal proof of
conversion often leads to controversies and court battles over a convert’s religious status, particularly in marriages.


Prayers for Pakistan:2 Pastors Shot Dead Outside Courthouse -Protect Christian, Ahmadi, and Hindu communities from violence

The recent report of 2 Pastors murdered outside of a courtroom reveals the
manipulation of the blasphemy lawby extremists to target Christians and the government failure to provide adequate protection to religious minorities under threat despite forewarning of the event. Please lift your prayers for the family and community of the Pastors and for the safety of those still in Faisalabad and vulnerable to the rising tensions.

The full details of the story are below. Please consider sending in a letter toUnited Nations(UN)/MP/ your Congressmen and Senators protesting the lack of security for Christians as well as the general failure of the Pakistani government to protect Christian, Ahmadi, and Hindu communities from violence.


Christians attacked in Madhya Pradesh

Balaghat-Madhya Pradesh
This incidence took place in a place called Balaghat Village Sususwa on the 20.07.2010 , 30 kilometers from the Balaghat Railway Station.
Evangelist Mahendra Kharole( 20) and Munshi Prasad Bahe 30 years old went to pray for a family in Sususwa Village ,as they were coming back after the prayers, around 11:30 p.m 6 people on 2 bikes came and stopped their bicycle .

GCIC strongly condemns the attack on Christian Karens, Tha Dah Der village, Karen State, Burma

GCIC strongly condemns the attack on Christian Karens on July 23rd in, Tha Dah Der village, Karen State, Burma

Burma Army soldiers shelled Tha Dah Der village with mortar rounds before burning the village to the ground destroying nearly burning 50 homes, a school and a church.