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Tribal Christians attacked in Orissa And Andhra Pradesh

There is a village named ABASING in Orissa with than 200 houses. 12 members from three families were gathered for Sunday Worship on 18/6/2017. This is a animists tribal village which was adopted VHP ans as a result these people are turning into Hindu Fundamentalists..
On 18 June 2017 as they were worshiping in one of the members house, the villagers numbering more than 100 reached the house and started beating believers. Seven of them were beaten up and three were badly injured. The other Christians took the injured to the nearest hospital for the treatment. Two believers are still under medication.The Local believers are still continuing in faith please pray for them.


Tribals demand ban on religious conversions

law to prevent government welfare schemes going to those who convert from the traditional tribal faith.A forum for non-Christian tribal people in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand has sought a law to ban religious conversion across the country, but Christian activists say the move is politically motivated to isolate tribal Christians.

The governing body of Sarna, the top body of 32 groups that follow the traditional tribal religion, at their July 25 meeting in the Jharkhand state capital of Ranchi, said it would ask the federal government for a national law to prevent religious conversion across India.


Police have clues about Murder of Pastor Sultan Masih,asserts Luhiana Police Commissioner Dhoke

Mystery around the killing of pastor Sultan Masih is getting murkier with each passing day. With pressure mounting on the police, officials have been spreading wings to probe the case further from various angles.
Even the DGP, Punjab Police, Suresh Arora, has also been taking routine updates from the Ludhiana police regarding the case. Help of the CBI has also reportedly been sought in the case.Police Commissioner (PC) RN Dhoke, said,