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Madhya Pradesh High Court releases detained Christian children to parents

The parents said they were concerned about the safety of their wards and that despite requests the police did not release them.The children and parents were reunited outside the Madhya Pradesh High Court premises on Monday.
A week after seven Christian children were made to deboard a train at the railway station here by Hindu Dharm Jagran Manch activists, the Madhya Pradesh High Court on Oct 30 handed over the children to their parents.

13 convicted include a vision impaired couple. Most Pentecostals are day laborers. The government led by Hindu nationalists "arrests Pentecostal Christians with groundless imputations".,-Pentecostals-sentenced-to-6...'forced-conversions'-43121.htmlMadhya Pradesh, Pentecostals sentenced to 6 months in prison for 'forced conversions'
Mumbai (AsiaNews) - A court in Madhya Pradesh has sentenced 13 Pentecostal Christians to six months in prison for alleged "forced conversions". The condemned include Balu Kesu and his wife Bhuri, both of whom are vision impaired. Their defense attorney Kamlesh Patidar tried to obtain a reduction in the penalty for their handicap, but the judges were adamant.

Indian Catholic Bishops Denounce Hindu Nationalism,Path of self Annihilation

The Indian conference of Catholic bishops has issued a strongly worded statement condemning a “dangerous” new nationalism based on religious uniformity and appealing for greater respect for the country’s religious diversity