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Christian Sanitary worker dies as Muslim doctors deny treatment on touching in fasting

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Umerkot, Pakistan: June 3, 2017. (Qaisar Loudhi) A Christian Sanitary worker who became unconscious after cleaning gutter kept struggling for life in hospital of Umerkot for 35 minutes and died without any medical support when Muslim doctors denied to touch his dirty body as they were fasting.


London terror attack: British officials eye burka ban and stripping citizenship

Hollie McKay.By Hollie McKay Published June 04, 2017
After yet another deadly terrorist attack swept through the streets of Britain late Saturday, lawmakers and leaders were scrambling to take back the reins and foil any further tragedies.


Drinking Cow Urine Rids One of Sins from Previous Life: Indian State Rajasthan HighCourt Judge

May 31, 2017, Drinking Cow Urine Rids One of Sins from Previous Life: Rajasthan HC Judge Representative image
New Delhi: The Rajasthan High Court judge, who asked for the cow to be declared a national animal, has talked in detail about the benefits of cow in his 140-page judgment.Justice Mahesh Chand Sharma, who incidentally retired on Wednesday, said in his verdict: "Nepal is a Hindu nation and has declared cow as national animal. India is a predominant agriculture country based in animal rearing. As per Article 48 and 51A (g) it is expected from the state government that they should take action to get a legal entity for cow in this country.


9 including 8 minors die, 200 fall ill at after-church feast in Meghalaya

Press Trust of India, Shillong, May 30 2017, 1
Nine persons, including eight minors, died and nearly 200 people were taken ill after eating rice and pork at an after-church feast in Ri-Bhoi district of Meghalaya, officials said."Eight persons, including seven minors, died today due to food poisoning at Nongkya village," district Deputy Commissioner CP Gotmare said.