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Gau Rakshaks(Cow Vigilantes) Stop Train, Beat Up Railway Staff, Men Transporting Cows In Bhubaneswar Railway Station

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MAY 26, 2017 .Government of India bans slaughter of cows and beef in India to create a climate of hate against Christian, other beef eaters and anti Dalits.Beef is the cheapest protein eaten by over 80 percent of the poor in India.
In yet another case of mob justice by self-appointed 'gau rakshaks' a group of more than 20 people raided the parcel van of the Kochuveli-Guwahati Express in Bhubaneswar railway station alleging cattle smuggling.
gau rakshaks

Dozens dead as gunmen attack bus of Coptic Christians on their way to the Monastery of Anba Samuel in Egypt on Ramdan -Media silent

26 MAY 2017 • 11:26AM
Trump denounces Egypt attack as 'merciless slaughter,' says 'bloodletting of Christians must end'
At least 28 people have been killed and another 25 injured by gunmen who attacked a bus carrying Coptic Christians near the city of Minya, according to Egyptian authorities.The bus was ambushed by unknown gunmen near a Christian monastery on Friday morning and the Egyptian health ministry said there were dozens of casualties.


Kerala Police jail Grace care home warden at Palghat alleging 'Human trafficking"-
Since the parents approached Grace Care for help for the further education of their children since we were not able to continue children home for boys above 11 year old, Grace Care decided to assist and help poor parents and relatives under its Better Education and Better Living project. As per the request from parents and relatix es 17 boys were initially approved for sponsorship. Those 17 children were successfully enrolled at Dharma Kannan Vidhyalaya, Madukarai in Coimbatore. Since the children are from extremely poor background Grace Care supported this project financially. 17 children completed their school for last one academic }ear and 14 of them were in a summer camp and tour. Grace Care organized a free Kerala tour which included Malayalam learning, exposure to Kerala culture and Kerala food for one month starting from April 24 to May 25.On 17th May Mr. Mathew was arrested and jailed on the grave charge of Human Trffiking.GCIC condemns the selective attack of Christian humanitarian groups on trumped charges.Notorious priest Robin's friend is trying to upstage this issue to save himself .