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Muslim Cleric offered Rs500000 to anyone for killing Asia Bibi,A Pak Christian woman

A Muslim cleric in Pakistan has offered to pay 500,000 rupees to anyone for killing Asia Bibi, a Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy.
Maulana Yusaf Qureshi, head priest of Mohabat Khan Mosque in Khyber Paktunkhwa province, made the announcement during his sermon at the Friday prayers Dec 3.


Serial attacks against Christians in Karnataka-Bangalore-4

Hindu Radicals Influence the Slum Board to Demolish a 15 Year Old Church Near Bangalore
Kengeri,Bangalore: Pastor Rajesh- 35, is in charge of a church called, the Gypsy Prayer Hall, which he has built in the Kengeri Upanagara slum, nearly 15 years ago. He is married to 30 year old Smt. Bina, and they have a total membership of 50 senior believers and also a Children’s Ministry consisting of about 110 children.

Karnataka Serial attacks against Christians-Shimoga police shut down eight year old church

Police Order a Pastor to Close Down an 8 Year Old Church and Move Away
Ripponpete, Shimoga: 41 year old Pastor Sebstian Babu, is in charge of the A.G. House Church at Ripponpete in Shimoga. The church is in existence for the last 8 years and has a membership of about 40 believers. On Friday 3rd and Sunday 5th December, some Fundamentalist Hindus complained to the Ripponpete Police Station that the pastor has been involved in conversion work which should be stopped forth with. The Sub Inspector, Mr. Ganesh, strictly warned the pastor not to hold the prayer service at that place any more, and also to move away from that place immediately.