What Brilliant Counter Offer This Rancher Makes When Muslims Offer $2 Million to Build Mosque

Muslim Axe attack in Germany.
When a horse rancher decided to put his beautiful land up for sale, a group of wealthy Muslim businessmen offered him $2 million dollars, more than $200,000 over his asking price. However, when he discovered that they were planning on building a giant mosque, he replied with a clever counter-offer that immediately wiped the smiles off their faces.


Australian police say ,Christmas terror attack stopped in Australia?

Australian police said the arrests were made while executing search warrants in connection with an ongoing investigation into a plot to commit a "multimode" terrorist attack, "possibly on Christmas Day," Ashton said.


Van drove into Australian Christian Lobby's Canberra headquarters and 'exploded'

22nd December
A van reportedly carrying gas cylinders has exploded after being driven into the Australian Christian Lobby headquarters in Canberra on Wednesday night, setting the building alight.There were no injuries suffered from people inside the building but the driver is being treated for his injuries in hospital


2 Sydney teens charged with planning Islamic State attack

Canberra, Oct 13, 2016, AP:
They faced a potential life sentence if convicted of the planning charge and 10 years for being an Islamic State group member. Two 16-year-old Australian boys arrested in Sydney after each bought a knife were charged today with planning a terrorist attack on behalf of the extremist Islamic State group, police said.The two were arrested by the federal-state Joint Counter-Terrorism Team in the western suburb of Bankstown yesterday, New South Wales state Deputy Police Commissioner Catherine Burn said, as Australia marked the 14th anniversary of extremist bombings in Indonesia that killed 202, including 88 Australians.