Church vandalized, pastor Dheenabhandu Samuel and his pregnant wife attacked in Chhattisgarh

April 18, 2016
Raipur: Two unidentified persons on Sunday barged into a church and thrashed the pastor and his pregnant wife in a central Indian state.The Times of India called the attackers “goons” and described the incident as another case of vandalization of church in Chhattisgarh’s troubled Bastar region.The church is located at Tokapal area.


Chhattisgarh Christian Association claimed conversion to be legal

Ishita Mishra | TNN | Mar 7, 2016, 06.47 PM IST
IPUR: Chhattisgarh Christian Association has claimed that conversion is legal in India and just the forced or lured conversion is illegal saying that those who have guts can challenge them in court.
Making the statement at press club here on Monday, Chhattisgarh Christian Forum President, Arun Pannalal said that the Hindu groups and all those, who have filed court cases against Christian priests for conversion, have failed to establish the charges.
"They always frame us in charges of conversion but were never able to prove it. Conversions are legal in India. Only forced and lured conversions are not. We don't go and ask people to convert their religion but we don't even kick those who are willing to opt Christianity on their own," said Pannalal.
He questioned that How come the 'Ghar Wapasi' is allowed for them and not for us? "They are free to challenge us in court if they have proofs that we were doing conversions in the church which was attacked by right wingers on Sunday. We will fight the case. But they just don't have any right to attack us," he added.


Chandigarh mayor hand over key of Prayer hall in Punjab

Hoorphool Chander Kalyan,Mayor of Chandigargh handed over the keys of the prayer hall of christian cemetery in sector 25 in the presence of Subash Chawla area councillor and other councillors and senior officers.The area Bishop and Christian leader Lawerance Mallik were present


Evangelist Promod Paul died in an accident in Chhattisgrgh

PRAMOD PAUL (Evangelist, Kondagaon, Chattisgarh) was promoted to glory on Sunday, 23 September 2012 in a bike accident. While on his way back home at around 4:20pm, a bus hit him and dragged him for few meters. He was seriously injured and died on his way to Hospital. He was 54 years old.