Pastor Ronald Sinclaire from Dewas, Madhya Pradesh and his congregation attacked

Pastor Ronald Sinclaire from Dewas, Madhya Pradesh and his congregation, were attacked by a mob allegedly led by members of the local RSS unit today(10th May) evening as the Church was gathered for their Sunday worship as usual. The attackers pushed the Church members around and verbally abused the Pastor, pushing him around as well.


RSS & Police Assault Pastors and Believers in M.P.

Mainashree Colony, Dewas City (M.P.): On 12.09.2011, Pastor Ramesh Manduwey (35), his wife Sumantri (28), and Pastors Ashok Aherwal (26), Balu Singh Dewda (25), and a number of believers serving the Lord had gathered around 11:00 a.m. at Brother Manish Tiwari’s house in Mainashree Colony for Prayer and Baptism Service. This place is about two kilometers from the Dewas Railway Station and 2 kilometers from the Dewas Bus Stand. On that day,11 believers were to be baptized and they had come from a nearby village called Nagukhedi, which is about 7 kilometers from the Dewas Railway Station. Also, there were about 20 other people attending the prayer service. Conducting of prayer meetings and conventions has been a regular feature at Brother Manish Tiwari’s residence and also there is a special hall for the meetings. Around 12:00 P.M 2 Policemen in civil dress came on a bike to the meeting place followed by 5 RSS workers with sticks and clubs. Some time later, 3 more policemen came in a Jeep. Then they started inquiring as to what was going on there, to which Pastors Ramesh Ashok and Balu explained to them that they had assembled for a prayer meeting and some of them were going to receive the sacrament of baptism. The policemen and the RSS workers then started tackling them alleging that they were involved in forcible conversion of innocent Hindus. One of the policemen caught hold of Mr. Manish Tiwari, the owner of the house, and simply slapped him a couple of times without any provocation.