Christian charity shuts amid govt crackdown,RSS US functionary roots for big pie from the charities to operate in India???

Ellen Barry and Suhasini Raj, March 9, 2017, International New York Times
More than 11,000 NGOs have lost their licences to accept foreign funds since NDA( Modi led Government) took office in 2014.India’s crackdown on foreign aid will claim its most prominent casualty this month, as a Colorado-based Christian charity that is one of India’s biggest donors closes its operations after 48 years, informing tens of thousands of children that they will no longer receive meals, medical care or tuition payments.


Union minister Giriraj Singh says cutting cake on birthdays is not part of the Indian culture-It is Christian?


Giriraj Singh ,right hand of Prime Minister Modi. asks Hindus to pray in temple instead of cutting cake on birthdays.
Union minister Giriraj Singh on Monday urged Hindus to take an oath to not cut cakes on birthdays, but offer prayers in a temple insteadUnion minister Giriraj Singh says cutting cake on birthdays is not part of the Indian culture and wants Hindus to, instead, offer prayers in a temple on the day.This is a clever attempt to divert attention from the rising prices and failed administration by the Federal government.GCIC also contempt the federal government and under Modi try to divide people and trigger communal divide across the globe.


More than half of under-5 kids in India are anaemic-Christian aid agencies are shut down

The total number of children under five in India in 2015 is projected at 12.4 (1.8 Million)crore.
Around 7.2(1.2 Million) crore children are anaemic, nearly 5 crore are stunted, around 2.6 crore are wasted and 4.4 crore are underweight.The survey also found that just over half of all pregnant women were anaemic.


Hindutva .Damaging Hinduism in the name of Hindutva might be the regime’s greatest crime.

Globalisation is usually perceived from two standpoints: One focuses on the political economy and governance and the other on the politics of knowledge and culture. The current government under Narendra Modi confronts both but is more avid in its recognition of governance. Oddly, it defines governance often in cultural terms emphasising civic virtues like cleanliness and punctuality.