Anna's movement- B. S. RAGHAVAN

nna must replace his team forthwith

Anna's movement hinges on adherence to total transparency; any compromise on this principle could see support base collapsing.

October 27, 2011:
Contrary to popular belief, columnists do not gloat over their cautionary statements proving right. “I told you so!” is not a phraseology that's to their liking. So, I derive no particular pleasure at finding myself vindicated with regard to my observations in my column on the complexion, conduct and character of Team Anna, having watched them closely on the public stage, putting all my long experience to use. Here are a few of them:


NIA publishes photographs of 11 hindu militants on the run.

In a Desperate for leads into the whereabouts of 11 rightwing militants who are on the run, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has now made their photographs public. The fugitives are wanted for major blasts, including those in Goa, at Ajmer Sharif and Mecca Masjid and on Samjhauta Express
Hindutva militants: Seen these men?
Wanted for Samjhauta blast