Maharashtra law against social boycott turning point for Dalit Christians

03/08/2017 INDIA
This law will give great dignity to Dalit Christians and tribal Christians who are often expelled from villages and forced to live a migrant life on the margins of society. The norms take into account all human rights issues and are against all moral-based discrimination: social acceptance of language, clothing, political or sexual inclinations.


Tribals demand ban on religious conversions

law to prevent government welfare schemes going to those who convert from the traditional tribal faith.A forum for non-Christian tribal people in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand has sought a law to ban religious conversion across the country, but Christian activists say the move is politically motivated to isolate tribal Christians.

The governing body of Sarna, the top body of 32 groups that follow the traditional tribal religion, at their July 25 meeting in the Jharkhand state capital of Ranchi, said it would ask the federal government for a national law to prevent religious conversion across India.