Islamic extremism growing in India-Asianews
Clergymen, journalists and experts agree that the case of the Catholic professor who had his hand chopped off for alleged blasphemy is a sign that fundamentalism is growing in the Indian Union.


GCIC celebrates International non violence day-Gandhi Jayanthi

People are slowly forgetting Mahatma : Sumitra Gandhi
Indore, Oct 2-

Claiming that Mahatma Gandhi was remembered only during customary occassions and his ideals slowly forgotten, his grand daughter Sumitra Gandhi Kulkarni today said people should practice his teachings in their lives instead of just eulogizing him on his birthday.


“Seek peace, and pursue it. (Proverbs 34:14)”.-GCIC appeals for peace in Ayodhya

GCIC Appeals for Peace after the historic Ayodhya Verdict with regard to the Babri Masjid-Ram Janmabhoomi likely to be pronounced on 24th Sept.Even if the judgment does not find favour with one or the other side, in no way does it legitimize violence or divisiveness.
On September 24, a special bench of the Allahabad High Court will decide on a 60-year-old case for the title of the disputed shrine in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. The verdict on one of the oldest, the most sensitive and the most complicated cases of independent India could have major ramifications for the country’s political parties.

The Three Judges


Ministry of Home Affairs identified 32 sensitve locations across india

Tue, Sep 21
Days before the court pronounces its verdict in the Ayodhya land title suit, the Centre has asked all state governments — Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka in particular — to heighten their security preparedness to deal with any law and order problems that may erupt after the verdict.