Islamic militants accused of using 'blistering chemical agent' in attacks in Mosul- Saudi led UNHRC is silent

Iraq chemical attack
Victims of a possible IS chemical attack civilians Ekhlas Meshal, 30, holds her injured two-month old child Rami, as she sits next to her injured two-year old daughter Dima, receive treatment in a hospital in Irbil, Iraq, Saturday, March 4, 2017. A doctor in western Irbil said on Saturday that 10 people with injuries caused by chemicals have been admitted to his hospital over the last two days. (Khalid Mohammed


Christians ‘excluded’ from Iraq’s reconstruction plans

Jan. 27, 2017
Christian refugees
Christians are being excluded from the reconstruction plans for northern Iraq, further eroding the likelihood of their return once Islamic State has been militarily defeated there, an alliance of UK-based charities has warned.
Iraqi Christians firmly believe that Iraq is their spiritual homeland; their presence dates back at least to the 3rd Century. Before 2003, there were approximately 1.5 million Christians in Iraq, but estimates now range from 200,000 to 500,000. Approximately 70% of Iraq’s Christians are from the Chaldean Catholic tradition, while the remainder are Syriac Orthodox, Syriac Catholic, Armenian and Protestant.


ISIS took over Qaaragosh biggest Christian City in Iraq-Hundreds of men,women and children beheaded,pray for divine intervention

prayer request

Now; The islamist group (ISIS) just took over "Quaragosh", the biggest Christian city in Iraq. There are hundreds of men, women and children that are being beheaded. The people are asking for Prayers to be made on their behalf concerning the ongoing atrocity in their country.