Indian StateJharkhand Chief Minister Says Those who consider India their country, should treat cow as mother


Kolkata, Aug 20, 2016 (PTI)
Amid the raging controversy over cow vigilantism, Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das today said those who consider India as their country should treat cow as their mother. Das, however, stressed that there should be no violence in the garb of cow vigilantism and said cattle smugglers may be involved in the recent events of violence over cow protection."The entire Sangh Parivar is on the same page on the issue of cow protection. Those who consider India as their country will treat cow as their mother," Das told PTI during an interview.


Christians fined for public worship in Jharkhand village

Half a dozen villagers were beaten up because they practice Christianity.
Christians who worship publicly in their east Indian village will be fined by the police says a Christian Daily report.
Police have forced the Christians from the village in the state of Jharkhand to agree that they will only worship in their homes or else pay 10,000 rupees (US$150) fines and face other punishments unspecified by the report.


16 Dalit Christians had to flee their homes after refusing to worship Hindu gods in Jharkhand state, eastern India

Harassed Christians of Jharkhand
Ranchi: As many as 16 Dalit Christians had to flee their homes after refusing to worship Hindu gods in Jharkhand state, eastern IndiaChristian leaders view the incident as part of an orchestrated strategy to defame, discredit and terrorize Christians and discourage people from joining Christianity.


Pastor Shot dead in Jharkhand

Jharkhand, Pentecostal pastor killed by gunshots, "shame" for India secular
Nirmala Carvalho
Chamu Hasda Purty he was serving in the village of Sandih. He was a respected and valued by the community. Its religious functions attended by the entire population, without distinction of creed or caste. The police are on the trail of the killers. Christian activist: "The murder of Pastor offends religious freedom in India."
Ranchi (AsiaNews) - The pastor of the Pentecostal Church in a village in central India was killed in gunfire by unidentified thugs. The murder took place in the late evening of October 13, but the superintendent of the local police, Anis Gupta, has released the news only today. He also added that the police have identified the killers and are on their trail.