Odisha orders probe of "killing of Christians" in Kandhamal in the anti maoist operation -GCIC thanks govt


Odisha orders SIT probe into the killing of 5 tribals
Jul 12-BHUBANESHWAR: Odisha has ordered a probe by a special investigative team of the state Human rights Protection cell into the killing of five tribals by "anti-maoist" forces last Friday. The incident in Kandhamal district that led to the death of five, including of two women and a two year old child, has prompted outrage and a scathing criticism Naveen Patnaik's administration by GCIC and other activists ..


Cardinal Gracias favors martyr status for Kandhamal victims

Mumbai: Cardinal Oswald Gracias, archbishop of Bombay and one of the eight key advisers of Pope Francis, wants the Church in India to initiate a process to declare as martyrs those killed during an anti-Christian violence in Kandhamal, Odisha, eastern India.Gloobal council of Indian Christians(GCIC) relentlessly campaigned from 2007 December 25th for justice for Kandhamal victims and protested infront of Parliament with 72 victims of Kandhamal violence


Justice continues to elude Kandhamal

It is a matter of shame and sorrow that the Christian community in Kandhamal is subdued not because of its lack of courage but on account of the failure of the Centre and the State, the investigative agencies and the criminal justice system, including courts, to ensure it justice

It is seven years since the horrific communal violence against the Christian community engulfed the district of Kandhamal in Odisha, in August 2008. Recently, thousands of survivors gathered at the panchayat headquarter town of Raikia under the banner of the Kandhamal Peace and Solidarity Committee. It was not to relive the past. Survivors of communal violence rarely want to experience the trauma and the pain which rises to the surface of their hearts and minds with every retelling of those dark and terror-filled days.

The demand was straight and simple — that they be allowed a future.


Widows tell the tale of India’s new Christian martyrs

By Inés San Martín
Vatican correspondent July 28, 2015
BHUBANESWAR, India — In the galaxy of contemporary anti-Christian persecution, the martyrs of Kandhamal in India hold a special place, and not just because statistically they died amid the worst outbreak of violence specifically directed at Christians so far in the 21st century.

The manner in which many of these Christians lost their lives, almost all of whom come from the Indian caste once considered “untouchable,” was almost unimaginably grotesque – violence more at home in the Bible or early Christian martyrology, seemingly, than the here-and-now.

On Monday, Crux sat down with five Christian widows who lost their husbands amid the mayhem that broke out in August, 2008, when the assassination of a local Hindu leader was blamed on the Christian minority.