Kandhamal Nun Rape: Fee Settled, Lawyers Attend Proceedings


Prosecution lawyers in the nun rape case of Orissa's Kandhamal district today attended the proceedings of the case in the trial court here as the stalemate over their fees was resolved by the Orissa government.
"Since the law department duly considered our request over the quantum of fees and released the same, we decided not to boycott the proceedings," one of the prosecution counsel said.


Fact finding report of gang rape and murder of young Dalit girl in Kandhamal


It is shameful that heinous crimes including gang rapes and murder of young Dalit girls in Kandhamal is excluded from the discourse on rape in our country, says Asha Kowtal, All India Dalit Mahila Adhikar Manch


Justice denied to the 7 falsely accused in Kandhamal

Today, was yet another date fixed for statements of the accused. As previous dates elapsed without the court hearing the accused today too passed eventlessly. More than 7 dates have passed like this during the past 60 days.
The Judge did not sit in the court. Bench clerk gave next date - 22/12. The seven under-trials (accused of killing swami Laxmanand) were, as usual, brought to the verandah of the court, kept there for whole day and were taken back to prison. On each date they come to the court with the hope of telling their innocence in the court. But go back sadly. Even their lawyer appeared desperate. The police personnel who accompany the under-trials feel sympathetic.


12 houses destroyed by Kandhamal administration

The B D O, Tahasildar and Police Inspector of Raikia appear to have decided to Make poor people homeless during this chilling winter.
On 12th Dec 2012, at about 11.00 hrs, the above mentioned three officials along with R I, and armed police personnel, with heavy earth movers, moved on road beside the police station (Raikia) towards the office of the Tahasildar. It is a village road; it is not an important road. After a distance of about 300 metres from the main road and police station; the earth movers began to break down houses on the right side of the road. None of these houses were too close to road. Some of the houses were as far as fifty feet away from road.Three kacha houses were totally destroyed; one brick house (indira awas) of a widow too was badly damaged. Another 8 houses were partially destroyed. A total of 12 houses thus dmaged. None had courage to oppose. One person (Niranjan Samal, an Inspector of school) raised his voice; he was taken into custody by police and his extended house was fully destroyed. He was released from police custody in the evening.