Hindu Fundamentalists Attack and Ransack a Church at Mandya in Karnataka

Bellur, Mandya, Karnataka: 30-09-2013 - Pastor Solomon Ramesh, 32, is the pastor in charge of St. Thomas Church at Bellur, Varasandra Village at Mandya District in Karnataka. It is an Independent church, and he has a congregation of about 150 believers. He lives with his wife, Salome, 28, and a year and a half old baby boy, his little son. In the course of his evangelization work during the last 8 years, he has been able to visit and establish contacts in about 60 villages in Mandy district and convey the good news of Christ to people in those villages.


Tarikere christians face repeated attacks

On 22nd of Sept.
Tarikere, Chikmagalur: - 30-09-2013 - Pastor Hemachandra Hebal, 39, is in charge of a Gypsy Church at Thudipet A.K.Colony at Tarikere in Chikmagalur Distrrict of Karnatraka. He lives with his wife Elizabeth, 35, and three young children, in a rented building which he also uses as his house Church, during the last 5 months. He caters to the spiritual needs of his small congregation of 15 believers.


50 year old Evangelist couple of Chamrajnagar District,Karnataka Persecuted.

Kolipalya, Chamrajnagar, Karnataka: 18-09-2013 - Mrs. Sannamma, 50, and her husband,55, are evangelists in Kolipalya village, Chamrajnagar District, in Karnataka. They belong to the Lambani community, a tribe in Karnataka. About 10 Years ago they embraced Christianity and have dedicated their entire lives for Christ, as they have no children. They work in a Hindu Ashram to earn their livelihood. Sannamma works as a cook and her husband works as a watchman in the same Ashram.


Rising anti-Christian violence in Karnataka

by Nirmala Carvalho
Over the past three months, Hindu extremist groups have carried out at least 15 attacks against the state's Protestant communities. According to Christian leader Sajan George, this is part of an "ominous plan by ultra-nationalist forces to discredit the Congress-led Karnataka administration" and win back power.