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BJP ruled Indian State MP farmers’ killing: Catholic religious join protest

MP farmers’ killing: Catholic religious join protest
New Delhi: A group of progressive Catholic religious has joined civil rights groups in India to protest the killing of farmers in Madhya Pradesh.Five farmers died and several were wounded on June 6 in Mandsaur district after police allegedly opened fire during a protest to demand better prices in the drought-ravaged region that clocks among India’s highest farm suicide rates.

BJP Magazine Publishes Article Depicting Nuns in Poor Light , IGCIC sai Maha Sangh Demands Legal Action ,

Bhopal: 9/04/2013/ The latest issue of the Baratiya Janata Party run fort-nightly magazine “CHARAIVETI” carried an article titled “the life of nuns in the hell of the Church” written by a Delhi based writer R L Francis. The issue has become centre of controversy in Madhya Pradesh.

"Un declared ban" on new church buildings in Madhya Pradesh

The Madhya Pradesh government has imposed “an undeclared ban” on new church buildings, although the Indian Constitution allows freedom of religion.
The government “allows only religious community halls. The administration refuses to allow churches to be built due to pressure from certain pro-Hindu organizations.The new place of worship has SHOULD neither have a cross on top nor a bell.