Maharashtra law against social boycott turning point for Dalit Christians

03/08/2017 INDIA
This law will give great dignity to Dalit Christians and tribal Christians who are often expelled from villages and forced to live a migrant life on the margins of society. The norms take into account all human rights issues and are against all moral-based discrimination: social acceptance of language, clothing, political or sexual inclinations.


Death of 8000 Tribal children in Indian State of. Maharashtra

Monday, December 12, 2016
Death of 8,000 Maharashtra tribal kids turns focus
By: Dhaval Kulkarni
The news article has been republished from DNA,
In the present 2016-17 fiscal year, a total of 1,454 deaths of children and 153 cases of maternal mortality have been recorded till October 2016.


Doubts surround death of a Protestant pastor healer, accused of black magic

Sebastian_martin.jpgHis center organized prayers and healings. Last February the manager was arrested , but the pastor had fled

Mumbai (AsiaNews) - "The pastor Martin Sebastian's death is shrouded in mystery", Sajan K George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) confides to AsiaNews. The pastor was found dead on August 17. The rumors say that he was very sick with diabetes, but the authorities have not yet confirmed the cause of his death.


Maharashtra: Beaten, forced to wave saffron, cop says his force let him down

Sheikh said the attack began at 8.30 am on February 20, when over 100 youth assembled outside the police chowky, after he and Awaskar had stopped a group of 25 from hoisting the saffron flag the previous night.
Written by Rashmi Rajput
Updated: Feb 23, 2016, 22:48
being paraded with the saffron flag; admitted to a hospital in Latur, Maharashtra.
Yunus Sheikh, the Assistant Sub-Inspector who was assaulted, forced to carry a “saffron flag” and paraded through a town in Maharashtra’s Latur by members of a fringe right-wing group, has said that he was let down by his own colleagues who failed to save him.
The 50-year-old’s family has demanded a departmental probe into why reinforcements from Renapur police station failed to arrive in time to tackle the mob at Pangaon, around 15 km away, on Saturday. Sheikh, who is posted at the Renapur station, was on duty at Pangaon chowky.
Police on Sunday arrested 16 youths, including a minor, for assaulting Sheikh and forcing him to chant ‘Jai Bhawani, Jai Shivaji’ after he and K Awaskar, a head constable, tried to prevent them from hoisting the flag near Ambedkar Chowk, officially labelled as a “sensitive area”, to mark Shivaji Jayanti.
On Monday, speaking to The Indian Express from his bed at the Latur Civil Hospital, Sheikh said, “I phoned the control room and appraised them about the situation. Using my mobile, I called the in-charge of the Renapur station on his cellphone. But still, they failed to send reinforcements in time. The policemen reached Pangaon by 10.10 am. By then, the mob had assaulted me brutally and humiliated me by parading me.”