Little sympathy for Rohingya in main-street Myanmar

Anti-Muslim Buddhist monks have helped fuel rampant racism and are now reaping dividents
While thousands of Rohingya have fled from violence and the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world is unfolding in Rakhine, another story is happening in other parts of Myanmar with no sympathy on the plight of Rohingya among the general population amid rising nationalism and anti-Muslim sentiment.


Freedom of religion among Myanmar’s ‘biggest challenges’

Cardinal Charles Mung Bo,Myanmar.jpg
Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, Myanmar's first Catholic Cardinal, at the UK Parliament in London, 25 May, 2016.

Myanmar’s first ever Catholic Cardinal has said protecting freedom of religion or belief for all is among the “biggest challenges” facing his country as it adapts to life after 50 years of “brutal” military rule.
“We desperately need to work to defend rights without discrimination, to establish equal rights for all people in Myanmar, of every ethnicity and religion,” said Cardinal Charles Maung Bo during an address at the UK Parliament in London yesterday (25 May).


Budhists and Muslims clash in Mynmar killed at least 20

Two days of clashes between Buddhists and Muslims in central Myanmar began with the death of monk followed by a mob attack.Burning fires from two days of Buddhist-Muslim violence that killed at least 20 people smouldered across a central Myanmar town on Friday as residents cowered indoors amid growing fears the country’s latest bout of sectarian bloodshed could spread.


Muslims flee Myanmar unrest as death toll rises
A new wave of sectarian violence in western Myanmar has left five people dead and dozens injured in recent days, triggering another exodus of Muslims to emergency camps, officials said today.