New Delhi

Indian Railways to introduce Mother Express named after Mother Teresa

GCIC welcomes the decision of the Indian Railways to introduce a new train, Mother Express, named after Mother Teresa on August 26 to mark her birth centenary.
"We have decided to launch the new train after Mother Teresa as a tribute to her on occasion of her birth centenary," Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee said here today.


National Human Rights Commission of India chairperson against abolishing death penalty

New Delhi, Aug 1
Amid continuing debate over whether death penalty should be abolished in India, NHRC chairperson K G Balakrishnan has favoured continuance of the provision which has a ''deterrent effect'' in a country where various types of crimes are on rise.

The former Chief Justice of India noted that the Capital punishment is awarded in the "rarest of rare" cases and there are adequate safeguards provided in the law in this regard.


Dalits Christians threaten to abandon Congress if " reservations" denied

Dalits Christians threaten to abandon Congress
New Delhi- July 21, 2010
Christian and Minority leaders say their people plan to vote against the ruling Congress party in the coming elections if their demand for quota benefits to dalits goes unmet.


Dalit Christians to hold rally in Delhi

Therally at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi will urge the Indian government to amend para 3 of the Constitutional Scheduled Caste Order 1950 that dismantled the social, economic and educational benefits..

Church groups will organise a rally on July 21 to press the government to render equal status to Christians and Muslims of Scheduled Caste origin.