The Village of Rev. Arul Doss the Martyr, Revisited 18 long Years

On September 2nd 1999,Using bows and arrows, assailants killed a Catholic priest ,Aruln Doss in a part of Orissa state, where a Hindu fanatic is blamed for burning to death an Australian missioner and his two sons eight months before in the months of January on 23rd 1999..Father Arul Doss, 35, was attacked by 15-20 men in Jambani village in the eastern Indian state´s Mayurbhanj district early dawn Sept. 2, Balasore diocese sources reported based on testimony by eyewitnesses.The Anandpur parish priest had gone to the remote village to hold Mass for some 15 Ho tribal families during a harvest festival.


Ostracised, Christians in Orissa again see their homes destroyed and water wells poisoned

by Nirmala Carvalho
Speaking to AsiaNews, Sajan George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), describes the situation in some of the remotest villages in the Indian state. For some of the victims, recent events are a repeat of the bloody anti-Christian pogroms of 2008 by Hindu extremists.