Christian villagers beaten in Orissa

Christian villagers in Orissa state, India, were abused and tortured by police, who barged into their homes in the middle of the night.
The incident in Phatachanchara village in Ganjam district happened on 15 February. Around 60 police officers surrounded the village at 2.30am and then forced entry to the Christians’ homes. One of them stepped on the hand of a four-year-old boy, causing a fracture.


Another attempted abduction and rape case of Christian girl in Pakisthan

Pattoki:While the rape case of Christian girl Fouzia BiBi is still under investigation .Further violence and pressure on the victim family and also on LEAD to avoid proceedings in this case and both are facing some problems including financial crisis.
One an other attempted rape and abduction case comes on surface of Christian girl Saba Bibi at Village Baghiana Kilan at police Station Phool Nagar,District Kasur.


Police Atrocity on Tribals - Three including a child admitted in a Medical College in Orissa

Badagad, Orissa
15th February 2013
As per reports, On 15th Feb 2013, night Police from P S Badagad (Dt Ganjam), came to village Thatanchara and forced open into houses of 3 tribal and 2 non-tribal poor families. They picked up Jatho Mandal, Junas mandal, Daud Gomango,
Simanto dalabehera, and Kornail Raita.
After torture and questioning Jatho Mandal, Junas Mandal and Daud Gomango were released early in the morning of 16th Feb. They returned to their village and informed others of the incident and that two other persons are still being tortured. Information of atrocities of police spread through the villages soon a large number of people - about 400 gathered on road at village sarangipalli and engaged in 'rasta roko" . By afternoon, police initiated a "peace committee meeting". after the meeting police released the remaining two persons too from their custody.


Illegal Arrest by the Police in Orissa - Unrest continues in the village!

K.C. Pur, Baripada Dt, Orissa: 01-02-2013 - The Police from the K.C.Pur Police Station at Betanati Block in Baripada District in Orissa, have recently arrested two believers while they were at a prayer meeting without any provocation, plunging the entire village into a state of tension.

It was on 18.01.2013 when a few believers belonging to 7 local families came together for a praying meeting in a village called Gudikhamari, about 15 kms from Baripada Town, under Betanati Block and Krushnachandrapur (K.C.Pur) Police Station. At about 11.30 in the morning, the police suddenly appeared at the spot and stopped the prayer meeting,. They also arrested their prayer leader Bro. Bahadur Murmu, 23, and Rama Soreng, 21, and took them both to the Police station. The police team was also accompanied by the fundamentalists belonging to the Hindu outfits of that village who falsely lodged complaints against these believers alleging that they had been engaged in conversion activities in violation of the OFRA, as per the statements by the Police.