Islamic terror on Christians in Pakistan

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Influential Pakistani Muslim named Mohammad Din along with three others entered forcibly in the home of a Christian woman when her husband was on work and gang raped her. After that they burned her home. This Pakistani Christian woman and her husband called the authorities but police only filed a report but did not arrest the culprits. These incidents are very common in Pakistan but no one in the west accept that Christians are really being persecuted, instead they give asylum to same Muslims who are involved in persecuting Christian


Pakistan’s provincial Assembly Sindh passed a law criminalising forced conversion

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On November 24 Pakistan’s provincial Assembly Sindh passed a law criminalising forced conversion. The bill recommends a five year punishment for perpetrators, whereas facilitators of forceful religious conversions will be handed a three year sentence.


Pakistan bans 11 Christian TV stations

New Delhi: Pakistani officials have banned 11 Christian television channels, leaving the country’s 2.8 million Christians with no public media presence for the first time in nearly two decades.According to India Today, the Pakistani Media Regulatory Authority this week banned the religious stations after accusing them of being “illegal” and “not having permission” to broadcast. The outlet notes that most pro-Christian channels in Pakistan are based abroad since because PEMRA does not release licenses for religious broadcasting, and only allows the airing of Christian messages for Christmas and Easter.


Protesters demand release of Asia Bibi, jailed for blasphemy , Pakistan

Protesters demand release of Asia Bibi, in Lahore, Pakistan, November 21, 2010.
Christians in Australia will hold a demonstration next week to ask their government to intervene on behalf of Asia Bibi, a Christian mother of five who was sentenced to death in 2010 on accusations of blasphemy, as her final appeal hearing is expected this month.The rally will be held on Oct. 8 at the Parliament House in Sydney, and present a petition to the Pakistani Consulate.