Pakistani Christian woman to be hanged for 'blasphemous' comments Read more at:

A Pakistani Christian woman has been sentenced to death by hanging for blasphemy after making derogatory remarks about Islam to her Muslim neighbours.

Asia Bibi lost her appeal to have the decision overturned, the Mail online reported.

In 2010, she got into a dispute with neighbours after they objected to her drinking water from their glass because she was not Muslim. She was later accused of defiling the name of the prophet Mohammed.


Pakistan policeman kills Christian Pastor accused of blasphemy

A Pakistani policeman shot two men in jail on Thursday, killing one accused of blasphemy and wounding another condemned to death on the same charge, lawyers and an activist said.

Christian pastor Zafar Bhatti was killed and 70-year-old Briton Muhammad Asghar, who has a history of mental illness, was wounded in the attack in Rawalpindi, next to the capital, Islamabad.

Bhatti, who worked to protect the human rights of the country's beleaguered Christian minority, was on trial after an Islamic leader accused him in 2012 of sending text messages derogatory to the Prophet Mohammed's mother.

His family say police investigations show the phone was registered to someone else.


Minorities have no choice in Pakistan

By – Shamim Masih
ISLAMABAD: Sitting on the top roof of the four stories building in the capital, a man roared that if you uttered a single word from your mouth I will send you directly into the hell. There were four people from three different faiths, Sunni, Shia and a Christian. It can happen only in Pakistan that Sunni Muslim can use rough language about others but they are not ready to listen against themselves, because they are in power. Religion should not be the state’s business; I am sorry, but it’s clear that your religion is not your personal matter. It is the matter for all of us to interfere in, as and when we feel necessary or find a choice.


Pak Shia family faces death threats over interfaith dinners with christians

August 5, 2014 Story By: A Lahore-based journalist
Lahore: A Shia family which annually hosts religious feasts for Muslims and Christians has received threats through pamphlets.
Sajjad Hyder Malik, a manager in a top medical company, has been attracting criticism from an outlawed Sunni militant group when he organized Koonday (clay pot), a public dinner offered in the name of Hazrat Imam Jafar As-Sadiq, a descendant of Ali.