Minorities have no choice in Pakistan

By – Shamim Masih
ISLAMABAD: Sitting on the top roof of the four stories building in the capital, a man roared that if you uttered a single word from your mouth I will send you directly into the hell. There were four people from three different faiths, Sunni, Shia and a Christian. It can happen only in Pakistan that Sunni Muslim can use rough language about others but they are not ready to listen against themselves, because they are in power. Religion should not be the state’s business; I am sorry, but it’s clear that your religion is not your personal matter. It is the matter for all of us to interfere in, as and when we feel necessary or find a choice.


Pak Shia family faces death threats over interfaith dinners with christians

August 5, 2014 Story By: A Lahore-based journalist
Lahore: A Shia family which annually hosts religious feasts for Muslims and Christians has received threats through pamphlets.
Sajjad Hyder Malik, a manager in a top medical company, has been attracting criticism from an outlawed Sunni militant group when he organized Koonday (clay pot), a public dinner offered in the name of Hazrat Imam Jafar As-Sadiq, a descendant of Ali.


Pakistan’s shrinking minority spaceThe desire of Islamist extremists to ‘purify’ Pakistan

The desire of Islamist extremists to ‘purify’ Pakistan has resulted in a major catastrophe for the minorities. The country cannot emerge as a modern pluralist state until the reversal of this culture of intolerance


A Christian member of the Balochistan Assembly was gunned down by his own security guard in Quetta

QUETTA: A Christian member,Bro. Henry Messih of the Balochistan Assembly was gunned down by his own security guard in Quetta , Balochistan Home Secretary Akbar Durrani said.National Party’s Handery Masieh was reportedly shot twice in his neck and chest outside his residence, according to reports. He was shifted to the Civil Hospital, where he passed away.