Undertrials accused of sacrilege in Punjab being targeted, killed

Gautam Dheer Chandigarh, Sep 13, 2016,
In less than two months, two women accused of desecrating the Guru Granth Sahib have been mercilessly killed.Following incidents of desecration of holy books in Punjab, undertrials accused of sacrilege are now being targeted and killed. In less than two months, two women accused of desecrating the Guru Granth Sahib have been mercilessly killed.


Dalits in Punjab village ‘ostracised’

Chandigarh, July 11, 2012,:

An uneasy calm prevails in the Mahasing village of Sangrur district in Punjab where hundreds of Dalit families are at the receiving end after being ostracised by upper caste landlords.
The dispute involving the Dalits, who work essentially as farm labourers, is over payment of wages. The Dalit assertion has rankled the upper caste landlords to an extent that they issued a diktat warning fellow villagers against helping or talking to the Dalits in the village.


Christians protest for holding University exams on Good friday

Various Christian bodies blocked traffic on the CMCH Road this afternoon protesting against the move of PU, GNDU and Punjabi University for holding exams on April 22, on which Good Friday falls. Not only this, even on April 24, which happens to be a Sunday, exams have been scheduled. Easter falls on this day. Augustine Das, one of the leader leading the protest dharna said, “If the exams are not postponed, we will start dharnas in Gurdaspur, Ferzepur, Jalandhar etc areas where Christians live in large numbers. Not only this, our Christian institutes will also not be closed on any other festival except for Christmas, Easter and Christmas. We always understand the importance of all festivals but our sentiments are continuously being hurt. So we have been forced to take this decision.”


Christians protest Pakistan minister’s killing and obnoxious Blasphemy law

6th March-2011

Christians of all denominations held a demonstration at the Indo-Pak international border in Attari, Punjab against the killing of a Pakistan minister for demanding the repeal of the controversial blasphemy law.During the demonstration held on March 6, the protesters also demanded scrapping of the blasphemy law prevalent in Pakistan.