Patriotism at its lowest ebb- Indians have forgotten their weaker sections

A short report written by a reporter, Kanchan Vasdev, for the Daily Tribune, Chandigarh and published on December 5 reveals the truth how India and the Indians have forgotten their weaker sections. No one seems to be fighting for them.

It is the sad tale of the people of a village named Sekhewal of Ludhiana district in Punjab. The authorities had to detonate scrap bombs at the Matterwara forests. 1500 residents of the Sekhewal village were ordered to vacate their village to give authorities the time to detonate some bomb scrap in a nearby forest.


Church Dioceses are not industries -Punjab and Haryana High court

Civil Writ Petition No. 9995 of 2005 (1)

In the High Court of Punjab and Haryana at Chandigarh.

Civil Writ Petition No. 9995 of 2005
Date of Decision: August 31.2009

Diocese of Amritsar of the Church of North India and others



Buta Anayat Masih and others


* * *
Present: Ms. Abha Rathore, Advocate.
For the petitioners.

Mr. Kumar Vishav Aggarwal, Advocate,
for the respondents

1. Whether reporters of local papers may be allowed to see the judgment? Yes
2. To be referred to the reporters or not? Yes
3. Whether the judgment should be reported in the digest? Yes

* * *


Police in Punjab arrest Believers with pressure from Bajarang Dal and RSS

10th July Saturday morning as Christians were visiting houses, a group of hostile people began to argue with them and then started beating them with their fists and shoes. They took four Brothers and beaten them very badly and locked them in a Doctors clinic. Later they called the Police and handed them over to police complaining that they are converting people from Hindu Religion to Christian Religion.